We hear the words “holy” and “holiness” from time to time, but what do they mean?  Are they expectations for a different time period? What does God really mean when He says He wants us to be Holy?  

Holiness: Week One "WHAT IT IS"
April 2, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

What is holiness exactly? Is it the unrealistic and unnatainable Biblical statute society has deemed it?

Holiness: Week Two "LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON"
April 9, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week two of our series, we will discover how as children of Almighty God we are to be like Him…Holy.

Holiness: Week Three "OUR TOTAL BEING"
April 23, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In our final week of the series, we look at what God has to say about living holy in our entire being- spirit, soul and body.