Living to Give

God's very essence and nature is giving, and as His children we are called to be "imitators of God."  This series will discover the beauty of giving as a lifestyle, why Jesus talked so much about money, the biblical principle of sowing and reaping and the miracle of tithing.

Week One: "It's a Lifestyle, Not Just a Percentage"
November 17, 2013, Pastor Jim Brown

As God’s children, we are to live a life that is marked by giving in all areas of our lives.  The first century church had a reputation that was marked by being generous and compassionate.  In this message, we will see the incredible spiritual law that never fails called "Sowing & Reaping," and how it applies to every area of our lives.

Week Two: "Let's Talk Money"
November 24, 2013, Pastor Jim Brown

Why did Jesus talk so much about money?  Perhaps it's because people were the same 2,000 years ago.  This message will help in understanding the importance of giving as a lifestyle pertaining to our finances.

Week Three: "Money Carries a Lot of Weight"
December 1, 2013, Pastor Jim Brown

In this message we talk about two big hindrances to giving financially: Materialism and fear. See what the Bible says regarding these two issues and how to break the strongholds each cause.

Week Four: "The Miracle of Tithing"
December 8, 2013, Pastor Jim Brown

The conclusion of this series on how to give as a lifestyle deals directly with tithing.  What it is, God’s expectation, and the incredible blessings that are available to the faithful tither.