GENEROSITY:  A Believer’s Natural Response

We are born selfish, but born-again generous.  Generosity should be a natural response for the true follower of Christ, as we remember what He’s done for us.  

Generosity, Week One
January 29, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

This message shows clearly how God expects His children to be generous in every area of their lives, and what fun it can be.

Generosity, Week Two
February 5, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week two of this series, we will continue to discuss what generosity is in the Biblical context.

Generosity, Week Three
February 19, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week three of our series, we dive into the joy and blessing that comes from giving.

Generosity, Week Four
February 26, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week four, we discuss more Biblical principles for developing a heart of generosity and how that works with God’s plans for our finances.

Generosity, Week Five
March 5, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week five, we will see how a lack of generosity is a satanic deception to hold us back in life- especially financially.

Generosity, Week Six
March 12, 2017, Pastor Jim Brown

In week six, we will dive into what tithing really is, and what God’s perspective and expectation is for His children.