Where is Your Faith?  

Without faith it’s impossible to please God, and without faith you cannot walk close with God.  In this series we will cover what we need to know to truly be a person of faith.

Week One: What Faith is
January 17, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In Part I, we will see the importance of understanding the spirit world and how it relates to our faith and the natural/physical world.  We will clearly see what the Bible says faith really is.

Week Two: Why Faith Is Important
January 24, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In Part II, we will hear six reasons why faith is so important to live by daily.

Week Three: How Faith Works
January 31, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In Part III, we will begin to see How Faith Works. Jesus teaches us the incredible power that comes from faith-filled words.

Week Four: How Faith Works II
February 7, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In this message we will discuss the process of how a belief gets into our heart so our faith will be strong…and even great!

Week Five: Obtaining Strong Faith
February 14, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

This week we will discuss the clear difference between weak faith and strong faith.