Awesome is a word we use for just about everything we like.  But the One that we should hold in total AWE is Almighty God- the Creator of the universe and all that is in it.  

AWEsome, Week One
October 9, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

This first message of our series explains what the fear of the Lord is, and why it’s so important.

AWEsome, Week Two
October 16, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In week two, we will clearly see the connection between reverencing God and walking in His ways.

AWEsome, Week Three
October 23, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In week three, we will go over some tools we can use to obtain the highest level of respect possible for Almighty God.

AWEsome, Week Four
October 30, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

Benefits is a happy word. We all want them and are happy when we receive them. This message shares the many, many benefits that come to those who truly reverence God an are devoted to Him.