5 Faith Killers

Faith killers are five different spiritual poisons that will hinder our faith.

5 Faith Killers, Week One: Unforgiveness
February 21, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

 In this message we will discuss the pitfall that is unforgiveness.

5 Faith Killers, Week Two: Worry
February 28, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

Welcome to our second week of our new series called 5 Faith Killers.  These are five different spiritual poisons that will hinder our faith.  Last week we studied unforgiveness. This week we will dissect the destructiveness of worry.

5 Faith Killers, Week Three: Fear
March 6, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

In the third week of our series 5 Faith Killers, we will learn how to overcome the stronghold of fear.  

5 Faith Killers, Week Four: The Sense-Ruled Mind
March 13, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

 In Part Four we will see various solutions to line up our thinking with God’s Word.

5 Faith Killers, Week Five: Losing Hope
March 20, 2016, Pastor Jim Brown

Faith killer number five is the loss of hope.  Many Christian casualties are a result of a person losing their hope and giving up in life.  This message will give you the spiritual tools and encouragement to keep going no matter what circumstances hit you.